Lumora Secures TSB funding for Point-of-Care Clinical Sample Preparation.

11 August 2010

Lumora attracts funding of over £100,000 from the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) to support the company’s development of a rapid sample preparation solution for molecular diagnostics at the point of care. The funds will be used to develop a universal, single step, sample extraction method and device which will be applicable to a broad range of clinical sample types. It will be suitable for both DNA and RNA targets, and will be compatible with multiple nucleic acid amplification technologies.

CEO Laurence Tisi said “This is a strategically important programme for Lumora, and we are delighted to receive this funding from the TSB. Our BART technology is very robust to carry-over of inhibitors and so sample preparation can be very straightforward. By automating these few simple steps we can make molecular diagnostics much more accessible in decentralised settings”.