Lumora will present on Molecular Diagnostics for Resource Limited Settings at the One Nucleus event on Healthcare Technologies in September 2011.

12 September 2011

Lumora has been invited to give a talk entitled “Molecular for the masses: making molecular diagnostics accessible” as part of the UKTI supported Life Science Leadership Series run by One Nucleus (

The event will be held at Clare College, Cambridge, on the 29th September 2011.

Attendees will be able to learn about the application of Lumora’s BART and other technologies to the development of robust, affordable and easy-to-use nucleic acid detection systems for use in resource limited settings. Amongst other programmes, the company is currently developing a quantitative HIV viral load monitoring system for use in regions such as sub-Saharan Africa.

About BART

BART (Bioluminescent Assay in Real-Time) is a novel reporter system, exclusive to Lumora, which is designed to be used with isothermal nucleic acid amplification technologies - primarily as a tool in molecular diagnostics. The simplicity of BART enables simple, affordable, robust hardware to be used. This is a major break-through as molecular diagnostics is typically associated with complex and expensive hardware.

About the One Nucleus Life Science Leadership Series

To complement the global biopartnering conferences, share knowledge and engage thought leaders in challenging each other to progress the development of new treatments and technologies, One Nucleus has launched its Life Science Leadership Series - a series of 1-day events that have a therapeutic and/or technology area focus.

The second event of this series will focus on Healthcare Technologies and will:

1. Provide a first class programme that informs all delegates and sparks debate collectively about how we could be doing things better in terms of development plans that meet regulator, patient and commercial needs

2. Bring together the discovery and development pipeline from bench to patient, so including advances in drug delivery, disease monitoring, biomarkers and the core R&D activities

3. Provide effective networking and 1-2-1 partnering: due to the maximum 200 delegates

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