Lumora Extends Heat Elution sample prep application

Cambridgeshire, UK, 11th November 2014 ... Lumora, a provider of state-of-the-art molecular diagnostic products for the clinical and industrial markets, today announces it has completed testing of its latest application of its Heat Elution molecular sample preparation technology, for food pathogen sample extraction.. 

This application, which is a further extension of Lumora’s patented Heat Elution technology, was developed by the Lumora team and has recently been successfully evaluated by a leading life science company. As with all Heat Elution applications, this iteration has a number of advantages over existing sample preparation methodologies, such as simple work flow, ease of use and significant cost reduction. The Heat Elution technology removes a number of complicated steps in sample preparation and takes just 7 minutes. The sample extraction kit is expected to be commercially available by early 2015. 

The development of the food pathogen sample extraction application adds to Lumora’s comprehensive portfolio of sample preparation kits using Heat Elution methodology, including those with applicability in the clinical market for traditional molecular diagnostics and NGS. The Heat Elution technology has been used to process a wide variety of samples including whole blood, faecal matter, sputum, buccal swabs and FFPE tissues. 

The company has a range of technologies, including their RapidMag methodology that can be used for the extraction of DNA and RNA, making them ideal for molecular diagnostics across a range of sectors including clinical, food and veterinary. The applications of Lumora’s tests include HIV monitoring testing for hospital acquired infections and the food safety and veterinary markets. 

Laurence Tisi, CEO of Lumora, said: “This new sample prep application significantly improves our portfolio and expands our range across a number of markets. When combined with Lumora’s existing technology, which is currently used by our commercial partners, we now have a strong portfolio of proven, accurate and cost effective methods of extracting and detecting DNA and RNA.” 

Hayden Jeffreys, Commercial Director at Lumora, added: “This application of our Heat Elution technology underlines the strength of Lumora’s diagnostic offering across a range of sectors, all underpinned by a number of proven core technologies. In addition, it serves to illustrate the strength and versatility of our sample preparation technology.”


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About Lumora

Lumora is a successful provider of state-of-the-art molecular diagnostic products into both the clinical and non clinical or industrial markets. Lumora's easy to deploy and use technology can be employed in fields as diverse as food safety testing, and medical diagnostics. The Company is active in commercialising its technology and our development and commercialisation partners include international biotechnology, clinical diagnostic and industrial microbiology companies.

Lumora's corporate office is based just outside of Cambridge, England. The Company's investors include; Tate Lyle Ventures LP, Cambridge Enterprise (University of Cambridge), and Catapult Venture Managers Ltd.