Industrial Applications

ERBA Molecular has been able to develop a low cost, easy to use molecular diagnostic that is applicable Industrial applications. The integrated diagnostic platform has been commercially validated to be suitable for use in environments where many systems would fail to system complexity and lack of robustness. 

ERBA Molecular has collaborated with commercial partners looking to identify unwanted organism in Food Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical production, Drinking Water and Agriculture, both for livestock and crops.

Future applications
Food Safety & Authenticity
Heat Elution
Applying Molecular testing to disease diagnosis in animals
Veterinary & Livestock Testing
Rapid, simple and robust Mdx tests for food pathogen, spoilage, authenticity including GMO
Food Safety & Authenticity
Other applications & licensing opportunities including microbial limits testing for pharmaceutical products
STEM STEM primers are an alternative to Loop primers in LAMP assays offering more choices for primer design and increasing assay speed, sensitivity, and reproducibility.
Future Applications
RapidMag The RapidMag Viral RNA Extraction Kit provides a fast and simple method of extraction and purification of RNA from patient plasma or whole blood. The RNA solution obtained is suitable for RT LAMP based amplifications and RT PCR.
BART BART (Bioluminescent Assay in Real-Time) is a novel and proprietary reporter system, developed by Lumora, which is designed to be used with isothermal nucleic acid amplification technologies - primarily as a tool in molecular diagnostics.
Heat Elution Heat Elution technology uses the pressure generated by the sample itself to drive the sample across a membrane in the presence of an inhibitor removal matrix. An added benefit of this approach is that purification is combined with a heat lysis step, so removing multiple steps from the usually laborious task of sample preparation