ERBA Molecular has taken a workflow based approach to developing clinical mdx allowing non specialist users to perform testing.  ERBA Molecular's diagnostic system is comprised of a next generation isothermal amplification technology that integrates innovative sample preparation technologies with a patented, real-time detection technology that only requires a simple low cost reader

ERBA Molecular's initial clinical diagnostic focus has been on infectious diseases testing including:

  • Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) exemplified by C difficile and a pipeline of enteric tests 
  • An HIV qualitative test and HIV Viral Load test that include novel approaches to sample preparation.
Clinical Sample prep
BART BART (Bioluminescent Assay in Real-Time) is a novel and proprietary reporter system, developed by Lumora, which is designed to be used with isothermal nucleic acid amplification technologies - primarily as a tool in molecular diagnostics.
Viral Load
Hospital Acquired Infection – a simple and user friendly mdx test for HAIs including C difficile
Novel approach to viral load testing including simple and rapid sample prep
Hospital Acquired Infections
STEM STEM primers are an alternative to Loop primers in LAMP assays offering more choices for primer design and increasing assay speed, sensitivity, and reproducibility.
Improving and work flow and reducing cost through simple and robust sample prep solutions.
RapidMag The RapidMag Viral RNA Extraction Kit provides a fast and simple method of extraction and purification of RNA from patient plasma or whole blood. The RNA solution obtained is suitable for RT LAMP based amplifications and RT PCR.
Heat Elution Heat Elution technology uses the pressure generated by the sample itself to drive the sample across a membrane in the presence of an inhibitor removal matrix. An added benefit of this approach is that purification is combined with a heat lysis step, so removing multiple steps from the usually laborious task of sample preparation
Heat Elution