ERBA Molecular is a successful and innovative molecular IVD company applying its commercially validated proprietary technology in sample preparation, amplification and detection to produce novel workflow based solutions to reduce the complexity of molecular testing. ERBA Molecular was created by the acquistion of ERBA Molecular Ltd in September 2015 by ERBA Mannheim GmbH.

Through its experienced development team ERBA Molecular has successfully condensed complex molecular diagnostic technologies into a few simple steps requiring a minimally skilled operator and consequently the potential for a CLIA waivable POC system for use in a wide range of decentralized testing environments. 

ERBA Molecular’s easy to use technology can be employed in fields as diverse as medical diagnostics, agricultural, both for livestock and crops, food safety and pharmaceutical testing, and veterinary and personal care products.

The Company is active in developing commercial partnerships with organisations and working collaboratively with its chosen partners, ERBA Molecular uses its proprietary technology to develop new applications. The Company’s development partners include international biotechnology, clinical diagnostic and industrial microbiology companies.

Through its novel technology, BART (Bioluminescent Assay in Real Time), and its sample preparation technology, Heat Elution, ERBA Molecular has secured a number of significant commercial deals with large international companies including Roche Diagnostics, 3M, Promega, Biogal and FIND (Foundation for Innovative Diagnostics).

ERBA Molecular’s BART technology has been exclusively licensed to 3M for the molecular testing of food, beverages and feed for animals, in its latest innovation, the 3M™ Molecular Detection System. ERBA Molecular and Promega have signed a supply agreement for the use of Promega's Ultra-Glo™ luciferase in BART molecular diagnostics technology in the first commercial molecular diagnostic application for Promega's Ultra-Glo luciferase.

ERBA Molecular has partnered with FIND to develop a rapid, high-throughput malaria diagnostic assay for screening patients in the developing world. The partnership will allow FIND to access ERBA Molecular’s technologies such as BART, and the company’s expertise to develop a novel test that allows rapid screening on a large scale.

ERBA Molecular has developed two proprietary and innovative fully integrated sample collection and extraction technologies and products that enable the simultaneous collection, rapid lysis preservation and isolation of amplifiable quality nucleic acids from bacterial, viral and human sample types.

The first is called Heat Elution (HE). HE has a number of advantages over traditional sample preparation technology, Roche Diagnostics have purchased this technology to enhance sample preparation for sequencing. 

The second technology RapidMag enables the isolation and concentration of viral RNA in a 3-step, 20 minute process again being significantly quicker and easier to operate than traditional methods. 

In addition to the sample preparation technologies ERBA Molecular has a wide range of enabling technologies in areas such as amplification, stem, and other isothermal technologies

ERBA Molecular (then Lumora Ltd) was founded in 2002 by Laurence Tisi and Professor Jim Murray when it was spun-out from the Institute of Biotechnology at the University of Cambridge to exploit unique intellectual property and expertise in bioluminescence and expertise in rapid detection technologies, initially for military applications. 

ERBA Molecular has a highly experienced management team with strong track record in molecular diagnostics that lead a proven R&D team with impressive record of rapid test development whose products have attracted multiple awards for innovation.

ERBA Mannheim is recognized as a leading player in the In-vitro diagnostic segment. Through its presence in different countries, ERBA Mannheim provides a comprehensive portfolio in different specialties including clinical chemistry, immunology, hematology, coagulation,critical care, electrophoresis, urine analysis, diabetes monitoring, autoimmune & infectious disease monitoring and microbiology. With a commitment to provide 'Total Solutions in Clinical Diagnosis', each of the ERBA Group companies strive to create a healthier world.